• Patagonian Dry Gin

    A London Dry Gin birthed at the end of the world
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Our Patagonian Dry Gin is a classic London Dry style gin; juniper forward yet balanced and with plenty of citrus and robust notes of spice. It is magnificent in all gin based cocktails; martinis, negronis or classic gin and tonics. A third of the botanicals we use are uniquely from the region and only the purest Patagonian water is added, resulting in a gin unlike any other, distinctively from the Last Hope province, the doorstep of Torres del Paine.

Patagonian Dry Gin
Calafate G&T

We use a total of 12 botanicals, 6 of which are certified organic and 3 of which grow natively in Patagonian Chile, including lemon verbena, winter’s bark pepper and maqui berries. We combine all the botanicals in our hand-made copper still, who we’ve named Florence after the pioneer tourist of our beautiful part of the world. We let the botanicals macerate for 24 hours, before distilling. The resulting distillate is combine with pure Patagonian water and left to rest for two weeks before bottling.