Our Story

The year was 2015 and two Australians were in search of the perfect post-W-Hike beverage.

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a whisky distillery here?”

“Yeah, that would be perfect… Why don’t we build one?”

And from this was born Last Hope Distillery and we've been chasing this dream ever since.

You can read the full story in our blog, "From Coal Mines to Peat Bogs".


Our Name

Down to final rations, a Spanish expedition looking for a short-cut to the Atlantic Ocean pitched their last hopes of accomplishing their mission upon the inlet that they aptly named, Last Hope Sound. They did not discover the channel that they sought, instead they found only glaciers. How differently this story would have ended if they had instead discovered Last Hope Distillery.

Last Hope Distillery's mission is to prevent the tragedy that is joy-less ends to Patagonian Adventures.

We welcome adventurers that arrive from major boat expeditions, epic road trips, intrepid bike rides or the beautiful hikes of Torres del Paine. Visit us to enjoy one of our hand-crafted spirits, share a plate of locally sourced produce, warm yourself next to our hearth and toast your Patagonian adventure.